A Lost Skill

Kids can be unrelenting. One question after another. It was one of those days...

"Dad, how much does a candle cost?"

"No idea, son. Perhaps a buck!"

"And how much does electricity cost?"

"I don't know, but it does cost a lot! The electricity bills are always high in this house!"

"And the sun, dad, how much does it cost?"

"How on earth can I know how much the sun costs? Listen, son, I am very busy now... Leave me alone..."

Alan obeyed and left him alone.

Later on in the evening, however, Alan went back on the attack. This time dad was more serene.

"Why are you so interested in the expense of light. Candles, electricity bills, sunlight... How can one determine the cost of the sun?" he wondered.

"Oh, dad, I worked that one on my own! I know the cost of sunlight!!"

"Oh yes?!" answered coyly the father! "Let's see, how much?!"

"Simple dad. Sunlight is free. It costs nothing. God gives it to us freely, gratis!"

A simple story. But a real eye opener. And heart opener also!

God is replenishing us with precious gifts for free. And we do not even realize!

It is not me who keeps my lungs pumping, my heart beating and my brain functioning! It is not me who keeps my tongue moving, my hair growing, my feet mobile. Someone else is doing this for me. It is not me who paints the sky blue every morning, the grass green and the sea azure. It is not me who makes the sun rise, the clouds pour rain, the moon come out and the stars shine. It is not me who takes flash photos from heaven when it is lightening and makes music when it is thundering!

It is Someone else...

"What a wonderful hairstyle you have? Who did it for you?" the woman asked little Connie.

"Oh, mum did the hairstyle, God did the hair!! " Jessica answered with a grin.

Rose was with her mum waiting for the bus.

Suddenly she noticed a snail crawling along slowly, carrying its home on its back. Eyes wide open in amazement, she uttered, "Mom, mom, look! A snail!"

"Come on, Rose, I have no time for snails... Hurry up! The bus is coming. Always wondering on dumb things"

And so mum destroyed the poetry of her child.

And what is life without poetry?

A prisoner had been secluded in an isolated cell for ten years. Never seeing anyone. Never hearing anyone. Never speaking to anyone. One day a small tiny ant entered his room.

What a marvel! He spent hours gazing at her, at the mechanism of her legs, at her microscopic head, he gave her a crumb of bread and enjoyed watching her nibbling it. He held her in his hand.

Suddenly he realized that it took him ten years in isolation to appreciate the miracle of an ant....

When will our eyes open up and we begin to wonder again?

When will stop taking the miracle of life for granted?

When we shall start seeing God in our life?

... And wonder!

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