The story of the film was very simple. A woman lost her husband. He did not leave her much cash, but he left her an album full of very rare postage stamps. They were worth billions of dollars. But she did not know. She thought they were just junk and so she put them aside in a closet. The whole film showed how she continued to live abreast of poverty, struggling with insolvency, economizing on everything and failing to enjoy the luxury which easily could be hers. She had a treasure at home but was unaware of it. So she lived and died a poor woman.

Pathetic! She was a millionaire and lived in poverty!

The sad thing is that we are just as pitiful!

Life holds so many problems, difficulties, worries. Sometimes we feel just overwhelmed. Unable to cope any longer. We manage as best we can, trying to make it from one day to another. And we forget that we have a great treasure. We forget that we, too, are millionaires and that we have no reason why we should live in poverty.

Millionaires? How?

Yes, our millions are in us! We have an affluent, invincible family who is always focused on us. A Father who is aware of our needs, who is always taking great care to provide for us, who in his great love even corrects us. We have a Son who is always full of mercy, always understands us, always forgives us. We have a Holy Spirit who comforts us, strengthens us, always ready to pour balm on our wounds. A dedicated, loving family who is always riveted towards us! What can you want more in life!

The host was eager to give his friend a gift before he left. "Listen, friend, I am not going to give you any books, chocolate, flowers, or any other knick-knack... You are too dear to me. I am going to give you the key to my house. Whenever you want, just come over and enter! My home is your home! Whatever is in here is yours also. Just feel at home...."

This is precisely what Christianity teaches. We always have an open home which is always welcoming. We always have a Heart which always understands us, a Shoulder on which we can unwind, a family who is always ready to embrace us.

Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, a French Carmelite Sister used to repeat, "I am in heaven, because heaven is God and God is within me."

Where are you?

You may be in heaven, even today!

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