My Master liked stories. Many times He gave His message in parables. Why? Because stories always leave a lot of empty space where the listener can roam and fill relying on his experiences. Stories touch the heart and reveal it!

Here are some stories which I have collected during my ministry. Some of them have been published in Maltese L-Istejjer tal-Patri, Media Centre,Malta. These two volumes are being translated into English by my friend Mark Agius MD.

Father Pius Sammut, OCD

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A Healing Shadow
A Fragment Of The Sky Is Enough
An Empty Chair
Too Much Haste!
The Bitten Apple
A Parable
Arrows to Heaven
Chocolates and God
Only the Best!
We Are Not Alone
To build or to demolish.. that is the question!
This Extravagant Love
A Credible Legend
The Prostitute
A Lost Skill
Intense love
One Day Fling
The Power of the Heart
The Precious Cross
Dolls, Sinners and God!
Different And More!
Your Twin Brother
Perfect Joy
Woe To Me If I Do Not Preach The Gospel
Investing At Its Best