God Is Like This

As his name stated, Alexander the Great was really mighty. King of Macedon between 356 and 323BC he conquered Persia, Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Afghanistan, and the Punjab. One day a beggar by the roadside asked for alms from him as he passed by. The man was poor and wretched and had no claim upon the ruler. Yet the Emperor threw him several gold coins. A soldier was astonished at his generosity and commented, "Sir, copper coins would adequately meet beggar's need. Why give him gold?" Alexander responded in royal fashion, "Copper coins would suit the beggar's need, but gold coins suit Alexander's giving". God is like this.

The mother had a grown up daughter Sarah with whom she was very intimate. They lived quite close to each other and so had the opportunity to often visit each other. In between visits they wrote or talked on the phone. Curiously, Sarah always introduced herself when she phoned mom as 'me'; the same when she wrote a letter or a card. "Hi, Mom, it's me" and the mother would answer, "Hi, me, how are you today or what's up, me?"

Sarah died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage. Needless to say, the mother was devastated. It took a lot of faith to keep moving ahead. The family decided to donate her organs so that at least, good could come from such an otherwise tragic situation. In due time, she heard from the Organ Retrieval Group telling her where all her organs went without mentioning any names for privacy reasons.

"About one year later, - the mother is speaking - I received a beautiful letter from the young man who received my daughter's pancreas and kidney. What a difference it made in his life! Praise God! And since he couldn't use his own name, guess how he signed his letter: Me!" God takes such good care even of details… God is like this!

"When my grandmother was hospitalized, the doctor said that she needed an immediate blood transfusion or otherwise she would die. The problem was that grandmother's blood type was AB negative, a very rare type. This was 1949 just after the war. Blood was scarce. So the doctors gave the family no hope; my grandmother was dying.

My father left the hospital in tears to gather up all the family members, so that everyone would get a chance to tell grandma good-bye. As my father was driving down the highway, he passed a soldier in uniform hitchhiking home to his family. My father picked him up and as they were driving, told this total stranger that his mother was lying in a hospital dying because the doctors had been unable to locate her blood type.

It got very quiet in the car. Then this unidentified soldier extended his hand out to my father, showing him his dog tags from around his neck. The blood type on the tags was AB negative. The soldier told my father to turn the car around and get him to the hospital. My grandmother lived 47 years more, and to this day no one in our family knows the soldier's name. But my father has often wondered, was he a soldier or an angel in uniform?" God is like this also!

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