Mother Teresa (1)

Saints are beautiful. Mother Teresa had a dream - that before they die, all people will know that they are loved. And she worked to make that dream a reality. One day she was walking past an open drain and she caught the glimpse of something moving in it. She investigated and found a dying man whom she took home so that he could die in peace. "I lived like an animal in streets," the man told her. "Now I will die like an angel." "How wonderful to see a person die in love," she exclaimed, "with the joy of love, the perfect peace of Christ in his face."

"A few weeks ago, there was a French girl from Paris University here. She is working on her Ph.D. Suddenly she comes to me and tells me, "I have found Jesus." I said, "Where did you find Jesus?" "In the home of the dying." And I said, "What did you do when you found Jesus?" "I went to confession and communion." It was fifteen years since she last did that. And I said, "What else did you do?" "I sent a telegram to my parents to tell them I found Jesus." All the way from Paris… then contact with these people (in the home) and she found Jesus."

"Really, God is very much in love with us. For example, we go to confession full of sin and come out without sin. How could there be greater love? This is something the human mind cannot understand. This is why Jesus continually says, 'Love as I have loved you.' We must be able to forgive like that."

"Once a lady came to me in great sorrow and told me that her daughter had lost her husband and a child. The entire daughter's hatred had turned on the mother. She would not even see the mother. So I said, "Now you think a bit about the little things that your daughter liked when she was a child. Maybe flowers or a special food. Try to give her some of these things without looking for a return." And she started doing some of these things, like putting the daughter's favorite flower on the table, or leaving a beautiful piece of cloth for her. And she did not look for a return from the daughter. Several days later the daughter said, "Mommy, come. I love you. I want you." It was very beautiful. By being reminded of the joy of childhood, the daughter reconnected with her family life."

"Some people talk about hunger but they don't come and say, "Mother, here is five rupees. By food for these people." But they can give a most beautiful lecture on hunger. I had the most extraordinary experience once in Bombay. There was a big conference about hunger. I was supposed to go to that meeting but I lost my way. Suddenly I came to that place and right in front of the door to where hundred of people were talking about food and hunger, I found a dying man. I took him out and took him home. He died there. He died of hunger. And the people inside were talking how in 15 years we will have so much food, so much this and so much that, and that man died. See the difference?"

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