After a serious argument with his parents, Shawn ran away from home. It just happened that precisely during those days, the results of a series of medical tests he had done previously, arrived. They showed that he had to undergo certain medical procedures urgently or else he would remain paralysed all his life. And so the hide and seek 'game' began. Everyone was looking desperately for him to save his life and he was doing his best to steer clear from anyone who might recognise him.

This is more or less the story of our life. God chases us but we keep running away from him. We are afraid He may want to punish us, or take away something from us, or saddle us with more laws. The truth is that He is frantically looking for us because He is in love of us.

I was going through a tough time. I was feeling exhausted and problems kept mushrooming. I felt so much alone. Within myself, I wondered where Jesus is. It would be great, I said to myself, if He comes and help me out. And sure enough… I suddenly felt someone tapping on my shoulders and as I looked back… I saw him, Jesus himself. He had come to wait for me! "Shall we go out for a walk together?" He just said.

Of course, I accepted gladly. This is a unique opportunity to solve all my problems. His acumen and his power will enlighten me. We went out in the fields and walked towards the sea. We were just walking in silence, admiring the beauty of the nature around, when I plucked up the courage to ask him, "Sorry, Lord, I just want to know what would be the best way to tackle this issue…" He interrupted me and putting his finger on his lips just muttered: "Sshh… listen, listen… can you hear the birds singing? They are great, no?" I did not know what to answer. My mind, engrossed in my problems, was so far away from the singing of the birds.

We kept walking. I again tried to bring up what was troubling me and get some advice from him. Again he stopped me. This time, He put his hand around my shoulders and literally forced me to look at the wide open sea, the blue waves, the solid rocks, the golden sand… "This is fantastic, no?" he just said.

I could not possibly lose such an opportunity! When would I have such a close encounter with Jesus? So yet again I brought forward my concerns. But again He changed the subject. This time hilariously He said, "I bet you won't be able to hit that cable up on the pole…" I couldn't believe my ears! He instantly grabbed a stone, aimed and amazingly enough, he fell short by a couple of inches. When my turn came, I managed to hit the target. Jesus started chuckling like a small boy. I could not believe my eyes!

Before even knowing what was happening, we were back to the convent. I had not managed to ask him one single question. And He? He just gave me a big smile and told me, "Come on, Pius. Just relax…" And he left!

He was right of course.

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