A Kiss

Unless we become like little children, we cannot see the face of our Father in heaven. These are the words of the Master.

Annabel was four years old. Together with her dad, she knelt beside the bed to say her prayers before she went to sleep. She prayed for her mum, her dad, her siblings, the catů Then she got into bed under her blankets. Being a chilly night, her dad tucked her well. All of a sudden, as her dad was about to switch off the light, this girl exclaimed: "Wait, dad." She jumped out of bed, approached the icon of the family of Nazareth which she had near her bed and ardently kissed Jesus, then Mary and then, naturally Saint Joseph too. Then she went back to bed and smilingly told her dad: "Aren't they sweet, dad?!" Her father, lost for words in front of this sudden burst of devotion and tenderness: "Yes, they are charming, Anna, but now go to sleep..." Disarming simplicity of children.

Watching TV, Antoniella fell asleep on the sofa. Her mother, not wanting to wake her up, lifted her gently, took her upstairs to her room and put her to bed. Much later, when everyone was long in bed, mum heard noises in her daughter's room. She got up to see what was happening. She was astonished at what she saw. Antoniella was on her knees next to her bed, obviously praying. "What are you doing, my child?" asked her mother. The girl replied: "Mum, today I forgot to pray before going to sleep, so I got up to say my night prayer." It was two o'clock in the morning. First things first and last things last, I suppose!

This past week Paulette took the habit, before going to bed, of putting her night slippers under the bed as further in as possible. So every morning she had to go under the bed to look for them. When her mum realized that she was doing this intentionally, she asked her why. The girl answered: "The teacher at school told us to find ways and means to remember to say a prayer first thing in the morning. So I thought that in this way I will never forget. Whilst on my knees looking for my shoes, I will for sure remember to say my morning prayer! And I can even say them kneeling!" Her mum looked at the Jesus on the cross that was hanging on the wall beside her child's bed and smiled...

Keeping in contact with Jesus. Acknowledging that He is someone important in our lives. Believing that He can really help us. Finding practical ways to remember Him. These experiences that these small girls are living are an eye opener also for us adults.

Lovers have their ways of expressing their love! Only the cynical never understand them.

I was told that many a time Monsignor Salv Grima (a holy priest from Malta who worked hard to open and staff a Home for old and sick priests our of his own money), when he would think that he was alone in the Chapel, would approach the tabernacle and kiss itů Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

When did you last kiss Jesus?

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