Abortion Hurts Women

“I was an emotional wreck. The following day I was empty, sad, numb. I knew that day I had made a huge mistake. I wish with all my heart I would have done things differently.” Carrie from Los Angeles.

“A month after the abortion, I went to my doctor to get antidepressants, I couldn’t sleep - I felt awful. Today I still have a huge sense of loss and feel that we did the wrong thing. Even today, I see pregnant women or happy young mothers with their babies and think: that could have been me. It makes me cry.” Sarah from Northampton.

“I coped by just blanking the abortion out… It affected my life. I am paranoid about getting pregnant and haven’t had a successful relationship since.” Ashleigh from London.

“I was told that I would be out for eight minutes and I would feel only a little discomfort afterwards. They lied, it ruined 10 years of my life.” Mae from Long Beach.

“It is like watching a sad movie over and over again and hoping the ending will change – but it never will. As Whitney Houston sang in a song, Don’t Throw Away Your Miracle!” Sonya from Washington.

“I was deceived because I was not told the truth about what an abortion means to the life of an unborn baby. I was not told that at 10 weeks (which is when I had my abortion) my child was already fully formed. I was made to believe that I was doing something that was as natural as going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning.” Stephanie, another California woman.

“The suction machine was turned on, causing tremendous pain. I was frightened, it hurt so much. I wanted to scream. I wanted it to stop. I suddenly knew there was a baby inside. They were killing my baby!” Michaelene from San Diego

“I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I hear a baby crying. And I still have nightmares in which I am forced to watch my baby being ripped apart in front of me. I simply miss my baby. I constantly wake up wanting to nurse my child, wanting to hold my child. And that’s something the doctor never told me I would experience.” Lori from New York.

“I used to be pro-choice but after my experience I would never encourage any one to think that death is a better choice for their unborn child then to give it life. Death is permanent and there is no looking back. I still cry. My husband and I never talk about it. I guess we just can't deal with it yet. It's been 7 years. People still say its simple procedure. I wonder if they have had one.” May from Missouri.

Perhaps Mother Teresa was right when she said "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."

“The heartbreak has never left me and my life philosophy has changed. I hated men and believed that all men were bad. I even tried to revenge. Today, one year after the incident, this belief has gone and I have started a new life. However, very year of the operation day and the baby's birthday (expected delivery day), I become very upset. It seems that I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life.” No name given.

Real women. Real stories. “I know millions of women across this country feel as I do about abortion. We all somehow know deep down inside that we made a horrible decision and no coined phrase about choice and rights or the denial of biological and fetal facts can ever erase the truth. For we as mothers instinctively know during those still moments of aloneness, that we ended the life of a separate human being growing inside of each and every one of us.” Susan from Pasadena.

It is sad, very sad. “By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. And by abortion, the father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. That father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So abortion just leads to more abortions.” Mother Teresa

Thanks be to God, Jesus understands and forgives. Always. Only He can ease the pain and wash away the guilt.

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