"I cried to you for help and you healed me…"

(Psalms 30.2)

The bad news was that her daughter was very sick.
The good news was that
the Master was passing in her neighborhood
of Tyre and Sidon.

She did what people do sometimes
when facing a serious problem.
She raised a commotion in front of the one who could heal her daughter.
She went out blaring:
"Have mercy on me, Lord Son of David".

But … He did not even say a word.
She kept shouting…
So much so that the disciples told him to get rid of her.
But He kept ignoring her.
So she continued screaming.
Then He answered…
but rather insensitively.
But she did not give up!

At last He gave in:
"Woman, your faith is great:
Let your desire be granted!"

To understand this event we need to remember
that this woman knew that her daughter was very sick
She had tried all kind of cures but no medicine was working.
This was her last chance to see her daughter healed.

Perhaps you too are realizing today
that although you gave your children the best you could
- food, education, security, learning -
you have not solved for them
the fundamental problem of life:
the problem of happiness.
Maybe you are realizing that your children
are bored sick with themselves.

However this woman somehow knew
that what she did not succeed in doing,
He can do it.
So she went to him.
And she insisted.
And she irritated him.
Nothing discouraged her
neither Jesus' silence
nor his apparent indifference.
She pursued her quest
patiently, humbly, doggedly.
Her trust were not based
on any immediate gratification on the part of Jesus.
On the contrary,
suffering had made her firm.
Suffering made her cling more decisively
to the only hope left.
She did not allow anything or anyone
make her doubt the love of God
and the power of this man.

Do you know why Jesus Christ does not solve your problems?
Because perhaps you do not really pray to him!
You never pray 'patiently, humbly, doggedly'.
And do you know why you do not pray in such a way to him?
Because you don't believe He can do everything.

We do not really believe that Jesus Christ has the strength to heal anyone of anything.
The Desert Fathers assures us
that if we have the faith to spend one night
and if need be, two or three,
in prayer like this woman
"Lord Son of David, take pity on me",
Jesus Christ would surely stop and heal us.
After having prayed for a long time,
- possibly with tears in your eyes -
there will spring in your heart a tender love for Jesus
….such a great light…

"The problem with you Christians
is that you believe in God
but you don't believe in the power of God."

Until Jesus stops and tells you:
"Let your desire be granted."

And from that very moment her daughter was healed.

"Till daybreak, I cried for help,
Like a lion, he crushed all my bones,
From dawn to dark you have been making an end of me.
I twitter like a swallow,
I moan like a dove,
my eyes have grown dim from looking up.
Lord, I am overwhelmed, come to my help!
How can I speak and what can I say to him?
He is the one to act.
I must eke out the rest of my years in bitterness of soul.
The Lord is over them; they live,
You will cure me, restore me to life.
At once, my bitterness turns to well-being.
For you have preserved my soul from the pit of nothingness,
you have thrust all my sins behind you."

(Isaiah 38)

(c) Fr. Pius Sammut, OCD. Permission is hereby granted for any non-commercial use, provided that the content is unaltered from its original state, if this copyright notice is included.