"My love for you will never leave you!"

(Isaiah 54.10)

When he was still an infant
his parents divorced.
Three days with his father, three days with his mother, one day at his grandma.
Feeling alone, disoriented, confused
When he grew up, he joined a gang.
Now at least he belonged somewhere.
He started stealing, being violent, cursing, taking drugs.
He was arrested.
He became viciously angry.
His reasoning was simple.
'I was never loved. Why should I love?
When people come to know me, they put me aside.
They should not be surprised if one day
someone gives me his hand and I shall simply sink my teeth into it!'

Our heart is so fragile and vulnerable.
It bleeds terribly when it is wounded.

This is why Jesus Christ tells us that the only sensible approach in life is not to judge.
Next time you witness a man being violent with his wife
or a woman who is always irritable
before jumping to conclusions,
remember they have aches and pain inside
which you do not know anything about.

Next time you feel like complaining
because your husband is always on the go, never a minute for you
remember that he does not stop not because he does not want to
but because perhaps he has lost all affinity with you
and he simply does not know how to attain it again.
And if you see that your wife is very nervous and edgy,
remember that deep deep down
this woman has a weary heart
because she has been carrying hurts many many years
and so she turns to drinking, or spending money or buying clothes
simply to forget…
And if you hear of a guy who have taken drugs
remember that, whether at fault or not,
somehow somewhere he has been dumped,
or he is facing problems bigger than himself.
He just wants to lose contact with the real world
because in his perception, it is too cruel.
Better to live in a world of fantasy.

Jesus was right in underscoring always an attitude
of non-judgement,
of not-blaming
of not feeling better than anyone!
Compassion never led me astray.

Abba Pastor said,
"Judge not him who is guilty of fornication, if you are chaste,
or you will break the law like him.
For He who said, do not commit fornication,
said also, do not judge."

The saints suggest
that when we find ourselves facing difficult people
to see in them Jesus Christ crucified.

Then perhaps Jesus Christ alive in us
will whisper words of wisdom and gentleness
and reassures us not to be troubled.

We shall hear genuine tender words that sound like this…
Do not worry about tomorrow because your God is building your future.
Do not worry about the past because God has already forgiven
and forgotten everything.
Do not worry about your problems because He is working vehemently
in your favour.
Do not worry if no one cares for you because you are precious in My eyes.
Do not worry if others make fun of you because He never demeans you.
Do not worry about the death of your loved ones
because He will give them back to you…

These words will pass on to the person in front of us.
Thus your silent love will save them
because you will have sown seeds of hope in his or her heart.

" Be careful, my child,
in all you do,
well-disciplined in all your behaviour.
Do to no one what you would not want done to you.
Give your bread to those who are hungry,
and your clothes to those who are naked.
Whatever you own in plenty, devote a proportion to almsgiving;
and when you give alms, do not do it grudgingly.
Ask advice of every wise person,
never scorn any profitable advice.
Bless the Lord God in everything,
beg him to guide your ways and bring your paths
and purposes to their end.
Do not be afraid, my child, if we have grown poor.
You have great wealth if you fear God.
(Tobit 4)

(c) Fr. Pius Sammut, OCD. Permission is hereby granted for any non-commercial use, provided that the content is unaltered from its original state, if this copyright notice is included.