"Lord, remember me, take care of me!"

(Jeremiah 15.15)

In life - believe it or not -
one can either walk properly or stagger on crutches
one can either grow up or remain a dwarf
one can either live healthily or live sickly…

Strangely many prefer to live miserably!
They never develop to the full
the inner resources that are inside them.
We live a fraction of our lives.
Perhaps we tend to concentrate too much on our limits
and fail to maximize on our possibilities.

Mainly however we fail to understand the supremacy of our soul.
Our soul is permeated with a Presence.
Someone has made His home there
to boost our spirits.
But we are so distracted,
we live so much out of ourselves
that we never bother to look inside
and enjoy His presence and His radiating power.

There is a family living in us.
'The three that I love'
- as Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity tenderly called them -
are within us.
Not simply to occupy an empty space
but to labor in our favor.
They are loving us.
They are enhancing our spirit and our body.
They are loading us with their strength.
This God inside us
is working in our favor.
This family of Three inside us
is helping us from within.

If this is so,
then perhaps we can start worrying less.
We can appreciate the beauty around us more
We can enjoy life even more.
Problems unexpectedly become lighter.
Slowly we acquire the same vision of this God-Three.

It is about time we put our priorities straight,
and start visiting our distinguished Guest more often!
First things first, no?!
If an illustrious person visited us, we would want to spend time with him.
If necessary, we would put aside other appointments…

We are so alienated
that in our craziness we think there so many other things
more important than God.
We find time for everything except for Him.
The saints were not like that.
They were smart.

They knew that they had heaven in their soul
because He who delights the saints in heaven is within them.
"I feel that I have found heaven on earth,
because heaven is God,
and God is within me.
The day I understood this, everything took a new perspective,
Everything took new light.
And now I wish to unveil this secret to all those I love."

These words were said and lived by a cloistered Carmelite nun,
a French nun, whose name is Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity.

if we want to heal from our mental illness,
let us build a small room within us.
and from time to time find shelter there.

When we are sad, let us find solace there.
When we are alone, let us find company there.
When we are happy, let us amuse ourselves there
with Them.

If you only knew how much They understand us!

"In the presence of the whole assembly David blessed Yahweh.
David said:
'May you be blessed, Yahweh, God of Israel, our ancestor, for ever and ever!
Yours, Yahweh, is the greatness, the power,
the splendor, length of days and glory;
Everything in heaven and on earth is yours.
Yours is the sovereignty, Yahweh;
You are exalted, supreme over all.
For who am I and what is my people, for us to be able
to volunteer offerings like this?
Since everything has come from you,
and we have given you only what you bestowed in the first place.

(1 Chron 29, 10-14)

(c) Fr. Pius Sammut, OCD. Permission is hereby granted for any non-commercial use, provided that the content is unaltered from its original state, if this copyright notice is included.